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Alcohol-related violence: Can it be prevented?

With yet another teenager in a critical condition in hospital in NSW after being 'king-hit' (that so shouldn't be how we describe this violent act) in Kings Cross, the community is yet again debating what should be done about what appears to be a growing alcohol-related violence problem in this country. What makes this incident so much more distressing is that it happened just metres away from where Thomas Kelly was killed after being punched in a act of senseless violence just months ago. Even today, the NSW Government continues to refuse to make changes to licensing laws, i.e., restricting opening hours and limiting alcohol availability in these nightlife areas, and the community is beginning to lose patience ... So is there an answer to the problem? Over the years I have been interviewed countless times on this topic and my answer has always been the same - if you want to reduce alcohol-related problems, including violence, increase the price of alcohol, reduce accessi