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Teens lack an effective brain 'braking system' putting them at greater risk of dangerous behaviour once restrictions ease: Be a parent and keep them safe

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease across the country we're beginning to see Australians, both young and old, being able to socialise a little more freely on a Saturday night. All states and territories are now allowing people to now have others visit their home, with numbers varying (5 to 20 people depending on where you live, apart from NT where are now no limits on numbers). When it comes to teenage parties, however, it is likely to be quite a while before parents will be permitted to host such events, regardless of where you live in the country, with the Australian Government-funded  HealthDirect website stating the following: "Even though some of these restrictions are easing under the Australian Government's 3-step plan to reopen the economy, you should continue to practise physical distancing and good hygiene. Large social events, such as parties, should not take place at this time." So for the foreseeable future we really are looking at the most that und