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Vaping: Sorting out 'fact from fiction' for those parents struggling with the issue

I've written a number of articles about vaping in the past, the first in 2014. Back then I was beginning to receive messages from schools across the country asking for advice on how to deal with the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are better known. Students were beginning to bring these devices to school and teachers, not surprisingly, knew little about them. In 2018 I wrote another piece, this time in response to concerned parents who had stumbled upon these devices in their child's bedroom. When they had confronted them about what they had found they were usually met with comments like "But it's only vaping" or "At least I'm not smoking" and had no idea how to respond. Last year I posted another article about a mother who sent me an invitation to a 15 th birthday party her son had received that included a 'No vaping' message as a condition of entry. She was used to seeing 'Strictly no alcohol' on invitations