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Hangovers: Causes and cures

For many Australians this time of the year usually involves some sort of partying, whether it be with friends, family or workmates. Unfortunately, this can also end up with waking up the next morning to a spinning room, a violent headache and the need to rush to the toilet feeling rather unwell. Unfortunately, it would appear that this is also a regular occurrence for some of our young people. Before we can try to answer how to get rid of a hangover, what is the actual cause of the problem? The simple answer is, of course, drinking too much alcohol. A hangover is the result of your body experiencing a mild reaction resulting from an overdose of alcohol and certain 'toxins' that are associated with alcohol consumption. Your body attempts to protect itself by producing enzymes to break down and remove the toxins from your body. Unfortunately, the process does not occur fast enough and the resulting build-up of toxins in your body is believed to be a major cause of hangovers.