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What are cannabis 'edibles' and should Australian parents be worried?

Just over 18 months ago I was contacted by a school that had recently had a nasty experience with 'edibles'. How the story didn't make the papers I will never know but a Year 7 student had managed to access a packet of cannabis gummy bears from an older sibling, took them to school and then handed them out to a few of his friends. The 12-year-olds, completely unprepared for the experience, became quite unwell and were rushed to hospital with teachers believing it was a case of food poisoning. They were finally able to work out what had actually happened by finding the  discarded packaging identifying what the children had consumed. The school wanted to know if I could help them with some information about this product and whether I knew of other Australian schools that had experienced a similar problem.  Gummy bears are one of the most popular 'cannabis edibles' available today. They, along with thousands of other products are part of a billion-dollar industry tha