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Parents of Year 9s: Prepare yourself for a bumpy year when it comes to sleepovers, parties and gatherings

If you're a parent of a child just about to begin Year 9 it's incredibly important to prepare yourself for the upcoming 12 months when it comes to sleepovers, parties and gatherings. Getting things right now can prevent lots of problems in the year (and years) ahead. The party culture begins to build in Year 9, sometimes very quickly. Although most young people at this age will choose not to drink, alcohol starts to become a part of their socializing experience, usually at pre-parties, with a small but influential group regularly drinking, some to excess. In addition, for those of you with daughters, the more mature Year 9 girls begin to get asked out by young men a couple of years older than them and, as a result, these very young women subsequently find themselves invited to Year 10, 11 and even Year 12 events where alcohol is far more likely to be available. When I visit schools I so often hear something along the lines of "We've got some real issues with our Ye